Salon Directors

AlexSalon Director
Alex is a great all round Hairdresser in Men and Women’s Hair who is meticulous with his work and likes to give a lot of his time to a task ensuring perfection. He also is a great Men’s Barber and worked along side Toby years ago in a Salon where on Saturdays they were Barbering flat out from 8am – 6pm which help grow there skills. Alex has been part of the Ministry of Hair Family since 1999 making him one of the longest serving Stylists. He has a great following built up due to his hard work and time at Ministry. also is a great Family Man, loving to spend his free time with his children and not that he looks old enough but his Grandchild too.

Alex welcomes and invites new guests to the Salon on a:-

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Andrea.Salon Director
Andrea is a real personality in the Salon who has been part of the Ministry family since 1999. She is very hard working and is a great Hairdressing all rounder in Men and Women’s Hair. She has enjoyed retraining herself with visits to Vidal Sassoon and is always looking at Social Media following other well know Stylists, to see the latest trends and looks so she can make them her own. She is a specialist at Hair up for all occasion, including Wedding Hair. Andrea’s other talent is singing, which she has done from an early age. She currently is a lead singer in a Band where lots of her clients and team members like to go an watch her perform at local venues.

Andrea is always pleased to meet new clients and give her opinion of expertise on a:-

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

CliveSalon Director
Clive is an extremely talented Hairdresser, who has gained lots of experience over the years, which in turn has given him a huge following. He considers himself as an all rounder, specialising in Men and Women’s Hair and also likes to educate himself in our ever changing Industry. Clive has been part of the Ministry family since 1998, joining 6 months after we opened. Clive also has an amazing talent in Photography which he enjoys as a hobby.  He has had some of his photography published in local papers and national magazines, proving he has a very keen eye which he applies to his Hairdressing. With his unique and very dapper fashion style which he mixes up as a lover of Motorcycles and never misses an opportunity to ride his Harley Davidson.

Clive welcomes new guests to come and join him for the complete experience:-

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

TobySalon Director & Salon Owner
Please see Salon Owner Profile.

Toby is available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays in the Salon.


Style Directors

SamStyle Director
Sam is an amazing Stylist with so much attention to detail in all of her work. She is a procession Cutter with an amazing style and technique creating beautiful work. Sam is very hard working and is an all round Hairdresser in Men and Women’s Hair and also loves to Colour. Sam has a huge following and has been part of the Ministry family since 2009. Sam’s Clients like to book ahead to ensure they get an appointment with her. Sam really enjoys it when new clients book in with her so she can get creative with their idea’s. When she is not at work she is a huge dog lover, spending as much time with her dog, going on walks and training her. Sam invites you to come and see her on a

Monday and Tuesday

DebbieStyle Director
Debbie is a fun and lively Stylist in the Salon being part of the family since 2007. She is an all rounder in Hairdressing but prides herself on her Colouring ability, especial High lights. After working for a larger Brand in London she was able to bring her skills to us where she has developed and grown as a Stylist. She is an extremely hard worker and very driven making her a very dedicated Hairdresser. She keeps herself very fit putting a lot of us to shame with her running and Badminton. She represents great value at her level in the Salon.Debbie explains she loves meeting new clients for either a quick tidy up or a complete change in Cut or Colour. She can advise, guide and show off her talent on a:-

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Senior Stylists

ChristieSenior Stylist
After Christie finished her Qualification she was subject to strict exams and case studies covering all aspects of Hairdressing which she shined and excelled over all others, this allowed Christie to join the Ministry family. Christie has been on the Salon floor since 2014 and is a growing Star in the Salon. She loves all aspects of Hairdressing for Men and Women, especially Colouring. Christie has risen to Senior Stylist due to her hard work, continued education and growing Fan base. Christie invites all new guests to the Salon so she can show off her skills and passion on a:-

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday

AliceSenior Stylist
Alice is a hugely experienced Stylist. She loves all aspects of Hairdressing for Men and Women, including Colouring, cutting and especially Hair Up’s for weddings and Party Hair. Alice invites all new guests to the Salon so she can show off her skills and passion on a:-

Monday 10am – 4pm Friday 9am – 1pm Saturday 9am – 5.30pm


Becky Stylist
We wish Becky all the very best as she goes Traveling round Asia. She will be returning to us in April/May 2019. We ask all her Clients to come and see our other fabulous Stylists to look after all your hair needs while she is away and so you can be updated with her adventures.
Megan has been part of Ministry of Hair’s apprenticeship programme and has grown her skills becoming a great stylist in the Salon. Due to her hard work she has been promoted from Graduate Stylist to stylist level. Going cutting and colouring, along with Hair Up and Party Hair.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

LuciMakeup Artist & Stylist
Luci has been part of Ministry of Hair Team since 2006 offering her versatile skills as an amazing makeup artist and stylist, in and out of the salon. There is no job too big, from private makeup lesson, Prom, wedding and all special events, Luci can arrange this for you.

On Request

Harriet is another of our rising Stars, just completing her Level 3 NVQ Qualification. She invites all guests to the Salon to come a meet her for a free Consultation so she can understand all your Hair needs. She represents amazing value, recently promoted to Stylist level due to her skill, Maturity and understanding of hair. come see her on a:

Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Graduate Stylist

LizzieGraduate Stylist
Lizzie is another of our rising Stars, she will be promoted to Graduate Stylist as of November 2019 showing off her skills and enthusiasm for Hairdressing. come see her on a:

Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday and Saturday



Salon Coordinator & Reception

ClaireSalon Coordinator
FionaSalon Coordinator

All stylists are self-employed within the brand of Ministry of Hair