Important Update to Ministry of Hair Privacy Notice

As you may know a new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on the 25th May 2018.

This gives individuals more control over how their data is used and places certain responsibilities on organisations that process information for those individuals.

We believe the most important details are yours, our valued clients and to keep the information you share with us as safe as possible.

  • To comply with the new rules we have updated our privacy policy to make it even more transparent about how we collect and process your personal data.
  • Ministry of Hair requires the minimum of personal data. The only data required is contact details, in order to remind you of a coming appointment, either by Text, email and the option to call you in the event of an appointment change.
  • When making an appointment at Ministry of Hair, you agree for us to confirm the appointment by either email, text or phone call. You can decide which form of contact is best for you.
  • In some cases we gather notes of services which have been carried out on your hair, in order to help achieve the best results possible for you and your hair. If you wish to see your notes, you can request them to be printed.
  • The computer also keeps a purchase history so we can inform you of your last appointment and collate Loyalty points for you.
  • We will be sending you a link with your appointment reminder, that will take you to our Booking system, that allows you to look at your details held with us and allows you to choose your contact preferences this can also be accessed through our online booking system
  • When you make a booking request through the Booking App this requires confirmation by us and a reply sent back to you.
  • Online booking services may in some circumstances need us to confirm your appointments and contact may be needed if you apply in this way.
  • Our only Marketing is done by monthly News Letter and offered to all our clients with a legitimate interest. Newsletters contain offers, promotions and Hair news. Once you have received the link to see your details held by us, you can opt out by removing your email details.
  • We DO NOT share any of your information with anyone else and the limited information held is purely to make your experience with us as best as it can be.

If you have any concerns about Your Personal Data at Ministry of Hair, please speak the management at Ministry of Hair.